Problem downloading sentinel-2 products(.SAFE) with sentinelhub-py from AWS


I am facing the same problem downloading some sentinel-2 L2A products from AWS using SAFE format as described on the following issue from sentinelhub-py repository:

It is mentioned on the issue that these specific products were reprocessed by sentinelhub and that a special name convention was introduced. I would like to know the structure of this special naming convention, so that I could identify these reprocesed products that will trigger the error.

Besides that, is there any update on the resolution of the sentinelhub-py issue cited above?

Thank you.

There was no progress on this as this issue is not high on our priority (we do not use .SAFE format).
sentinelhub-py is open-source, so you can always contribute a pull request.

I would be willing to contribute to sentinelhub-py, but first I would need some information from sentinelhub about how I can identify the products that were reprocessed and are causing the problem. Can you help me with that?

The L2A products, that were processed by us have N0001 in the product name, e.g.

@gmilcinski I opened a PR to address this issue.

The build failed, but it seems it failed because the tests didn’t have the credentials.

Let me know if you want something done differently.

Thanks @marcosdejesus! We will have a look and provide feedback in the PR.