Problem importing s2cloudless

I’m trying to use s2cloudless with python 3.6 on a Windows 10 machine. I managed to install it using pip install, but when i try to import it I obtain this warning: “OSError: Could not find lib geos_c.dll or load any of its variants [‘C:\Users\RBarella\python3\Library\lib\geos_c.dll’].”
Any idea how to solve it?


Hi Riccardo,

off the top of my head, it seems it could be a shapely problem: s2-cloudless depends on sentinelhub-py which in turn depends on shapely.

Do you have shapely package installed? If not, perhaps you can try installing shapely from the wheel file and then install s2-cloudless with pip.

Hi bsovdat,
Thank you for the answer.
I checked the installed packages and everything seems to be correctly installed.

Anyway the problem still persist when I try to import s2cloudless