Problem with color palette

Hello everyone.

I’m currently working on developing my own web Application using the Sentinel Hub API. However, I’ve encountered an issue with the NDMI (Normalized Difference Moisture Index) color map in the past, as it only had 4 color classes (image below). To improve the clarity of my visualizations, I’m now attempting to modify the color map to include 10 classes. Unfortunately, when I make these changes, the resulting colors don’t accurately reflect the underlying data."

Hi @noureddine.bassa ,

I’m imaging you’re using OGC services (WMS, WCS, etc.) or Processing API, right? If not, could you please specify which API you’re using for your application?

Also, please share your request (including the evalscript and the request body) so I can help you identify the issue of the color map. It would be the best if you can share it as a curl command (you can generate it using Requests Builder) or a url request if you’re using our OGC services.

Thank you.

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