Problem with dowloading high-res print 350-600dpi


I consider to use a paid service of your hub. When I try to save a high-res print of 350-600dpi the process fails. Result does not depend on the size of the selected area. I get the same error when loading as one square kilometer and when loading 2000 square kilometers. How can you explain this?

I imagine you are referring to use within the EO Browser?
Can you provide some more information, so that we can debug it, e.g. link to the imagery you would like to download/process, location, dataset, etc.

Yes, I used the EO Browser.

I confirm I can reproduce the error. We will look into it.
That being said, with 600 DPI you want to download this area (cca 70km z 35km) at 19860x10200 px, which means that one pixel will have a resolution of cca 3.5 meters. This is well beyond 30m Landsat-8 resolution, so results will not be much better than with 100 DPI resolution…

Thanks for the quick response! Wich satellite can provide the best resolution for my area?

Sentinel-2 has 10 meter resolution, you might want to try this one.

If you want best resolution, you will have to use Pleiades. However, as this is commercial data, there is additional cost associated to it.
I suggest you check the related webinar: