Problem With Downloading Raw Data From Sentinel

i actually can not download the data from Sentinel-1 for my thesis…
please kindly guide me why i can not download data…?
when i want to download raw data the Eo Browser show me this massage…
" There was a problem downloading image "
thanks and best regards

Screen Shots

Hey, sorry for late answer.

Thanks for reporting this. There was a problem only with downloading the raw layers of Sentinel-1 from AWS (more about it below), and because of it the whole download failed. The problem should be fixed now for raw layers VV and VH.

If you encounter a similar issue, you can enable the advanced search below the Sentinel-1 in the Search tab and select the location of the data. There are 2 locations where we get the Sentinel-1 data from, EOCloud and AWS. When the advanced search is disabled, the default location is AWS. Sometimes something doesn’t work for one of the locations, so it’s worth trying the other one.

Hope this helps at least a little bit. Good luck with the thesis.