Problem with wms ogc statistics NDVI (Enterprice account)

I have problems with the wms ogc service, before, sending the same data worked correctly but now it sends an error. Did you make any changes to the service? Please, I need your help because we have a business application connected to your service.

My request is:****************?CRS=EPSG:4326&RESOLUTION=10m&TIME=2019-01-01/2019-12-31&LAYER=NDVI&GEOMETRY=POLYGON((17.559917 -94.741500,17.558278 -94.738083,17.557861 -94.738306,17.558389 -94.739361,17.557528 -94.739833,17.558278 -94.741944, 17.559917 -94.741500))

The response is:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding="UTF-8"?>

Please, i need your help.


Hi David,
can you let us know the first two blocks of the instance ID, so that we can replicate the issue?

That being said, if you are using the 8118e6ff-cdee-* instance, I believe the problem is in the chosen product. The “green to white” is meant for visualization, not for statistics.

I have created another layer on your account, returning the actual index, check this call:,17.558278%20-94.738083,17.557861%20-94.738306,17.558389%20-94.739361,17.557528%20-94.739833,17.558278%20-94.741944,%2017.559917%20-94.741500))

We will check, what is the reason that the initial layer stopped working.


Ok, thank you very much, if it works, but my question is, did you make any changes? because before it worked correctly.

Thank you.ndvi_index

We are investigating this option. We have updated the service in the last two days (twice) but it should not result in this issue. If it was, we apologise for the inconvenience.
Once we find out, we will let you know.

Hi David,

we have identified the issue - it was indeed a consequence of our upgrades, sorry about that.
We have ported the pre-defined products to //VERSION=3 script. We did not expect soneone to use this in Statistical API so we did not test it properly.
We have reverted the upgrade so the call works again.

Note however that this is optimized for visualization - it returns R/G/B values, not the NDVI valute itself. I am not sure how you were planning to use it, but be careful with interpreting the values…


Ok thank you very much, I checked and it works.
Before using the statistical API we review the values ​​and they are fine for what we are using it for. We will be vigilant if we find significant differences.

Please notify us when you make any changes that affect the statistical API or satellite images.

Thank you.


Sure, we generally try very hard to ensure consistency of our service operation.


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