Problems searching for available dates with images in a region

Hi, I’m trying to make a call to check the images available in a certain time range.
The example I have works perfectly, however, when I change the information for the region that interests me, there is no return.
Below is the request and response.********?REQUEST=GetFeature&TYPENAMES=DSS1&OUTPUTFORMAT=application/json&BBOX=-47.373046875,-16.46769474828896,-47.28515625,-16.383391123608387&TIME=2024-01-01/2024-03-01

This is the response:


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
When I make the call to fetch the image, it works normally.

Hi Alan,

I notice you are using a very short time range in your request. Are you certain that there is data available over the AOI in that time range?

I tried to increase the time, I know that there are images in this bbox in these time intervals because I can access them via EO and WFS request.******?REQUEST=GetFeature&TYPENAMES=DSS1&MAXCC=50&OUTPUTFORMAT=application/json&BBOX=-47.373046875,-16.46769474828896,-47.28515625,-16.383391123608387&TIME=2023-01-01/2024-03-01

Hello, I still have the same problem, when I place, in the same request, a different BBOX, it returns values, however, when I place the BBOX referring to the area that interests me, the result is null.
Can someone help me?

Different BBOX

Correct BBOX

Hi Alan,

Please share the code block you are using. It’s difficult to help you from the screenshots you are using. Ideally, you can share examples where I can replicate your issue.

This is the request that returns empty, it is the BBOX that I need:,-16.46769474828896,-47.28515625,-16.383391123608387&TYPENAMES=DSS1&MAXCC=50&OUTPUTFORMAT=application/json&TIME=2023-01-01/2024-04-03

This is the request that returns data, but it is a BBOX that I took from an example:,5039853,3244050,5045897&TYPENAMES=DSS1&MAXCC=50&OUTPUTFORMAT=application/json&TIME=2023-01-01/2024-04-03

I know there are images for the BOX I need, because I can access them through EO.

If you need anything else, let me know. Thanks.


  1. The coordinates used for the Bounding Box in each request is different. In the first examples they make sense for WGS84, in the second example they appear to be for WGS84 UTM (EPSG:3857). Make sure this is consistent and/or use the SRSNAME parameter.
  2. You are using the services-uswest2 endpoint to search for DSS1 (Sentinel-2). This is the wrong endpoint for Sentinel-2 imagery. You should be using

This should solve your issue.

Ok, I believe I wasn’t clear enough, there is the language barrier and the technical issue of the problem.
Let’s go.
I need to know the dates with images available for this BBOX:

I’ve tried every possible way, and I can’t bring any value.

For other coordinates, it brings it, for the one I need it doesn’t.

Here is my current request:,-16.46769474828896,-47.28515625,-16.383391123608387&TYPENAMES=DSS1&MAXCC=50&OUTPUTFORMAT=application/json&TIME=2023-01-01/2024-04-03

These coordinates are from Brazil.
If I change the coordinates for Europe, it brings me a result, however, not for Brazil.
I’ve read the documentation several times, however, as I said, the language is a problem, as I’m not a native English speaker.

Can you show what the problem is in this request?


Here is a working example for you:,-16.46769474828896,-47.28515625,-16.383391123608387&TIME=2023-01-01/2024-04-03&MAXCC=50&TYPENAMES=DSS1&OUTPUTFORMAT=application/json

I’m not sure what was wrong with your request, but it might be to do with the configuration you created in your dashboard. You can also build requests using Request Builder if this is easier for you.

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