Problems with accessing Airbus data

I also purchased additional Airbus data! But I still can’t see the image! The site error is too much!
I’ve never used it properly since I paid! I’m going crazy! Please refund my money! I don’t want to use it! When I connect to the EO Browser, the server has an error and I can’t see anything! It’s been like that from the beginning to the whole time! I’m Korean! I can’t stand it! Please give me a refund!

Hi @fofl1234 ,
can you please describe your error, so that we can help you?

Also, let us know who you are. The user that is connected to this forum account, is a trial user and has not purchased anything so far.

My id is

I am Korean. I can’t connect to the site at all. If you go into the site, you will only see a white window. I can’t see anything and the site keeps stopping because of errors. I want a refund.

I can’t access the site. If you access the site all day, it ends by pressing the F5 button. That doesn’t solve the problem either.

If you connect to my id now, only the white window pops up and you can’t access it! Please give me a refund.

Dear @fofl1234,
the application is working just fine, I have tested it, see screenshot:

I also see that you made several thousands of requests over the last 2 weeks, after establishing the subscription.
I imagine the problem has something to do with your local setting - either your network of your computer, which is something we can unfortunately not solve. Perhaps you could give a try by loading the application in some other browser or clearing the cache.

In general, we are not providing refunds, which is why we can unfortunately not address your request.
See these instructions on how to cancel and our refund policy: