Process API: Access to inputMetadata in evaluatePixel?

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I am using Processing API and a custom eval script here. So far so good.

Q: Is there a way to access inputMetadata inside the evaluatePixel function?
I need to get access to the from and to datetimes from dateFilter.timeRange for some calculation (compute delta datetime in days from the user provided to datetime to all scenes used)… I don’t want to use it in calculating outputMetadata but for a custom pixel calculation… :thinking_face:

Hi, I think this is the piece of documentation you are looking for. Let us know if you have any further questions regarding this.

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Thanks @william.ray, but I am not sure I follow the actual suggestion?

How would I be able to access the to date of the requested interval (of inside the evaluatePixel function for some calculations? Or do I have to somehow provide this info somewhere myself?

I am using mosaicking.ORBIT if this makes a difference…

I looked into scenes.dateTo, but that is not the same as the value of, right?

UPDATE: For the moment I define a global var in the eval script with the same value as stored in and use it in the evaluatePixel calculation. However, this way, I always have to adapt the eval script for each request. Would be much more convenient if this could somehow be derived from the metadata or given as a custom metadata entity that is available in the evaluatePixel function…

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