Process API - Sentinel 2 download tiff in native UTM

Hello experts,
Since Sentinel-2 data (original scenes) are in UTM coordinate reference system why we don’t receive the raster / tiff’s files in this reference system as well, as when we do the request in there, even when the request for AOI is in EPSG 4326 the result is in UTM and then the tiff is ready for calculations. is there any way to do the same with your API? I dont want to reproject or look for the UTM of the region when Copernicus natively doest the work, thanks for any help.
Best regards, Magda

Hi Magda,

The default output coordinate system for the Process API is EPSG: 4326 (WGS84). You can find plenty of examples in the documentation, which show you how to explicitly set your coordinate system, for example here for Sentinel-2 L2A data collection. You can read more about the supported CRSs in Sentinel Hub here.

Hope that this helps you out, if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for the answer! we’ve already checked all the available help for the CRS treatment and the think is actually we saw the default 4326 is not the system for Sentinel 2 images so why to reproject it?. is there any way to send coordinates in default 4326 and obtain the tif in the UTM native system that sentinel uses? as in the browser of Copernicus hub?
Thanks again?

Hi Magdalena,

I would recommend you transform your WGS84 coordinates to UTM in your workflow and then pass the transformed coordinates to your request. The Sentinel Hub python package has a dedicated utility function for this purpose that you can find here.

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