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Hi, can someone please concisely explain what the processing versions or baselines 5.00 and above include? I was not able to get reliable information from the Internet. If I understood correctly the 5.00 + versions include also the 4.00 version changes but it seems some scenes from before January 2022 have processor version 5.00 but the cloud masks are still in vector format which was replaced by jp2k with the 4.00 version.

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Hi Aleš,

I assume that the sensor that you are referring to his Sentinel-2 and its L2A data collection?

If so, then I can refer you to our documentation here, which explains some of the changes that were made to the dataset in version 4.00. There was also some discussion about this in the Forum that you can read here.

I would also recommend reading through the documentation about the Processing Baselines on ESA’s own website.

Hope that these links help you answer your questions :slight_smile:

I am sorry I forgot to specify the product. I am interested in Sentinel-2 L1C. I have read all of these and still cannot make out if the scenes with versions less than 5.00 are going to be reprocessed or not and if so what will the reprocessing include?

This is best you contact ESA about.

I would recommend asking ESA directly whether products < 5.00 will be reprocessed. A better place to ask this specific question is the STEP Forum, where somebody should have the answer that you are looking for.

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Hey, so it seems the reprocessing is already happening and is going to include all scenes so my next question is are you going to update the AWS buckets, particularly sentinel-s2-l1c with the new versions, and if so when is this planned?


Hi, again this is a question that it is best you get in contact with ESA to find out the answer to it :slight_smile:

But I thought you are managing the AWS S3 collection.

We are managing replication of the data. We have no control over the data itself. ESA is doing that.

I get this. But if the ESA updates its data with processor version 5.00 and higher, will you replicate this or leave historical data at sentinel-s2-l1c bucket as is?

Sentinel 2 Collection-1 data will be replicated to AWS public bucket. The decision about what will happen with the old (pre Collection-1) data hasn’t yet been made.

OK, thank you! Do you have any timeline on this, the replication, and the decision?

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