Processing level difference - SENSOR and ALBUM

in pleaides data what is the difference between the "album’ & “Sensor” in processing level data?

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The difference is just in where the data are stored on the Airbus side.
SENSOR data are available on a faster notice, typically available within an hour.
ALBUM data are stored on tapes and might require a couple of hours (we’ve noticed that it was even a day) for them to be processed to the level useful for the users.

The actual results/outputs are of same quality for both options. So no impact from this point.

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Hi @gmilcinski . I am processing Pleiades image. I have a few questions about this:

  • What is the level of processing applied to the image that’s available for download on the ‘Analytical’ option from the EO browser?

  • I understand that image pixels are in DNs. Do we need to divide it by 10000 to get the reflectance?

  • After that, do we still need to apply atmospheric correction to get the surface reflectance?

You will find the processing level for Pleiades data in the documentation.
You are correct about
Data is indeed in TOA. We do unfortunatly not support atmospherically corrected data.

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Thank you very much, @gmilcinski . I have another question. In the ‘Analytical’ option for download, I can see that I have the option to download projected images. Does it mean that these images are geometrically corrected already?

They are georeferenced using Airbus automatic positioning. There is no additional geometric correction done.
If you are interested in this topic, we recommend to read this post on co-registration