Proxy host for sentinelhub-py

Is there a way to configure a proxy host for the sentinelhub-py requests? Currently all requests by the python tools are blocked by our firewall, hence I need to use a proxy to get through, but couldn’t find any mention about proxies in the shub-py documentation.

In principle it should be possible as one can configure base urls for SH services via SHConfig. Is there any chance you can set up a proxy on your side?

@batic - I believe proxy is already running.

So the only thing needed to be done is the change of the services in, e.g. this part
'sh_base_url': '',

Sorry, my response was off.

sentinelhub-py uses requests library, which picks up environmental variables for proxy as well:

$ export HTTP_PROXY=""
$ export HTTPS_PROXY=""

(taken from here)

Thanks! Using the environmental variables solved the problem.