Python to download S2L2A data in geotiff or esri shape file format

I noticed that the data downloaded using the WmsRequest as in the tutorial is a tiff file with no geospatial information. That being said, I can not open them in my QGIS together with my other files. I am wondering if there is a way to download these raw bands in geotiff, esri shape files or the jb2 format so that I can analyze the data in qGIS or crop it further using rasterio in python

wms_bands_request_2017 = WmsRequest(
    data_folder = 'C:\\User\\BANDS-S2-L2A\\2017'


Hm, I am pretty certain that if you download Tiff, you can open this is QGIS as you get GeoTiff.

LoL, You are right… I probably messed up something last time…
another question: How do we tell the date of each file represents(without using the get_dates() command)? i want to open it using rasterio and crop them further for specific date.
Also, of all these files downloaded, some of the tiff files are very small, when you open it (either in python or QGIS), all the values are 1 for all bands, is there a bug during downloading? How do I filter out these files during download.

Well, you can always adjust the Python code to change the name of the file. That would probably be easiest?
And for “small files” - I’d guess that these are borders of the orbit, where most of the tile is empty.