QC Values used for Sentinel 5P Data

While generating the tile statistics in the EO browser, what qc values are used by default for sentinel 5p data. If no values are used can I specify them somewhere?

My steps:
In the EO browser I uploaded a KML for a region, and checked the statistical info. The values I get from sentinelhub, don’t match with the values I get from processing them manually using HARP and Xarray. I also wanted to confirm if the stats generated from it are only for the uploaded area or the entire tile?

Hi @gunjan,
the default MINQA values depend on the sensor and are set in line with recommendations coming from European Space Agency.
You can see and change this parameter in “Settings” tab, see “Min. data quality”:

Assuming you used stats feature from this panel, it should be only for the selected area:
Screenshot 2021-12-29 at 07.35.45


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