Query-Filter error

After the new update I got this error, even though I don’t use query in my code.
Any help to avoid this error?

cc @aghandour

Hi Arwa,

Please can you share the rest of the code that you have run in your notebook? This will help us replicate the error and fix the issue for you :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hello @william.ray,

I guess the following cell might be causing the error reported by @arwa.atheel:

cloud_coverage_threshold = 0.05 

class ValidDataCoveragePredicate:
    def __init__(self, threshold):
        self.threshold = threshold
    def __call__(self, array):
        return calculate_coverage(array) < self.threshold
remove_cloudy_scenes = SimpleFilterTask((FeatureType.MASK, 'VALID_DATA'),

We are trying not to share the whole notebook since this is still a work in progress.
Thanks for your support William.

cc @arwa.atheel

Hi both, this issue should be fixed. Please update to the latest versions of both sentinelhub-py and eo-learn

If you still return the error then please let us know :slight_smile:

thank you @william.ray

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