Query S1GRD via Track

Dear EDC Team,
I was wondering whether it is possible to querry the collection S1GRD by track and orbit (ascending/descending). I couldn’t find it in the sample notebooks.
See issue here: Query S1GRD via Track · Issue #93 · dcs4cop/xcube-sh · GitHub
Here’s an example of how to do it with openEO platfrom using the SentinelHub Collection: Finding and loading data — openEO Python Client 0.15.0a3 documentation

Hi Peter,

Apologies for the slow reply, I can provide an example that uses the Sentinel Hub Catalog API. However, I think you are trying to query by track and orbit using xcube if I am not mistaken?

Hi William,
yes, exactly, using xcube. Thanks for forwarding the info to them. The issue has been picked up by the xcube devs (see issue link in first question)