Question about Asynchronous Processing API and Callback Integration for Sentinelhub

We are trying to integrate the Asynchronous Processing API and we have a question. Our service downloads historical satellite images from Sentinel, but it needs to stay listening for when a new image is available on Sentinel to index it.

The problem is that every day we have to query Sentinelhub for each AOI to check if a new image has been indexed, which results in 7000 requests to Sentinelhub.

My question is whether there is any type of “callback” integration where you can notify our server when there is a new result for a given task.

Also, if I create a task in Sentinelhub with the following parameter:

“data” : [ {
“dataFilter” : {
“timeRange” : {
“from” : “2022-06-20T00:00:00Z”,
“to” : “2022-06-30T23:59:59Z”

does the “to” parameter in the timeRange consider future dates? In other words, if I specify a date in the future and an image is indexed, will it be automatically uploaded to the S3 repository or do I need to create another query?

Thank you very much!

As far as I am aware there is no callback functionality available for the async API and if the to parameter is in the future it will not automatically include images which are added later.

An option might be to define an AWS Lambda Trigger, which is triggering on activity in the AWS S3 Bucket where the Sentinel-2 images are saved. You can find the link to the AWS bucket in the EO Browser for example:

And here is a tutorial on how you might set up the trigger to notify you: How to configure a S3 watch folder using Amazon Lambda? (with sample code) - File 360 Knowledge Base

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