Question about Planet Billing plan

We’ve purchased a 999(for basic account) + 150(for Planet Scope HUM-Tier2) euro plan to obtain continuously updated image data of a certain area in the future. At the same time, we want to know whether this plan can download historical data of the area. If so, are there other restrictions?

Under “Hectares under management” model you get access to both full archive as well as fresh data, for a designated area.

OK, I got it,Tha :grinning:nks

Hey, I have new questions. First, as mentioned earlier, we bought a 150 Euro plan for planet scope data, but in the usage tab of the dashboard page, we found that there is a quota of 10000 square kilometers, which is equal to one million hectares. Why? Second, theoretically, we can obtain unlimited data updates for a specific 100 hectare area within a year, however, after several experiments, the quota is decreasing. Assuming that we constantly request the data of the same area, the corresponding number will also decrease. What will happen if we run out of quotas within a year?

In short - Sentinel Hub’s quota management is not yet integrated with “Hectares under management” model. This is why the number is set so high that it should not cause problems. If you will continue downloading data over the same area (I certainly would if I were you, as there is value in there), and the quota will actually go to 0, we will simply increase it.
This goes the other way around as well - there is currently no technical limit preventing you to consume more than what you purchase. You should take care of this yourself, knowing which areas you have under management. If you will exceed the limit, we will ask you to repay for the overage.

We are planning to integrate the quota limits better, so this will eventually be clear.

As a side note - we storngly recommend to use Subscriptions with PlanetScope data:

By doing that, you will also have a simple view in all the areas under management, directly in the Dashboard.

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