Question about some imagery without data

Hi to all. Im new in the site and im learning a lot about remote sensing and its aplication to environmental management. I got a question about images:

When im downloading some images based on tiling in Angola (T33 LUK, T33 LUJ), some images appears with no data in the right corner.Thats strange for me, because for a specific date, I can see all the images that i need, but not the image that fixes with the other data. Most of the cases I can see the product thats fix with that missing area but registered 2 days later. Is there any explanation about that ?
Id also be very grateful if someone can explain me why there are some images without complete data.
Thank you.

What you are noticing are scenes on the border of the orbit. And in two days, satellite passes the area again, this time taking acquisition of the neighboring region. You need to create a mosaic from different dates.
I suggest you check EO Browser to see, how orbit look like (zoom out).

Then use Sentinel Playground to get stitched images, if you like.

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Ok, thank you so much for the explanation, its really useful for me.