Question about the limit of each call

good morning, I have a question about the request limit using the sentinel library in python, since in some scenarios I use a loop which makes a series of calls using the WcsRequest object

wms_true_color_request = WcsRequest(
            CustomUrlParam.SHOWLOGO: False,
            CustomUrlParam.GEOMETRY: geometry_string

It should be noted that this process, being very long, uses these calls within a python Thread, However, this process tends to stop just when it calls the WcsRequest object. My question is, is there a limit to the use of the WcsRequest object?

I am waiting for your answers, thank you very much

Hi @compras ,

Yes, there is a rate limitation that limits how many requests a user could sent per minute. Please refer to our documentation for more details.

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sorry it seems that the link is not available, you can pass it again

The link is fixed. Could you try again?

If it worked for me, there are limits of characters when requesting an image for example:

[type or paste code here](

Hi @compras ,

Yes, there is a standard limit for HTTP requests and it is something that Sentinel Hub cannot work around. Here is my reply in another post that has same long url issue.