Questions about commercial data

Dea all, I’m new in this forum and I want ask to you a important information about Commercial Data. I dont know if I want download high resolution images, I must buy a mounth fee and only buy individual images in that mount.
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Hi @cotroneoingegneria ,

Indeed in order to purchase and use Commercial Data, an Active Sentinel Hub subscription is required, as indicated in our pricing plan. Don’t hesitate to look at the bottom of the page: there is an FAQ that might help. If you have more questions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Thank for answer, but I dont have clear some things.
If I choose for example Exploration for 25€ for mounth I can download High resolutions images or not?
Also, I do not understand the concept of Processing Units. I think that a video to that effect could be useful.
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Yes, with the Exploration package you will have access to the dashboard allowing you to purchase Commercial data. However, note that you can only use the subscription for non-commercial or research applications.

This page from the FAQ should help clear things up. It even contains some examples.

Ok thanks!

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I already purchased Exploration account and want to search commercial data.
After I completed the search in the EO browser, I found no way to request the data.
I attached the image for your information. Many thanks.

If I understand correctly, you have already searched for the data, found the images you want and are looking to request them?

Your screenshot shows that you have not yet purchased any quota. Is that the case? If not, to do so, you can go to the dashboard page (you will need to be logged in), then under the Commercial Third-Party Data section you can select the product that interests you. Once the purchase process has gone though, the quota will appear under My quotas in EO Browser and you will be able to request the images.

Feel free to get in touch if you run into any difficulties!

Many thanks for your reply,

It means that I need to purchased quota before I can order, doesn’t it? For example, in this case, I found interested Maxar WorldView, so I need to buy Maxar quota package?. If it is true, then if I pay 165$ to buy a quota package, I can request only one order? I found in the dashboard that Maxar data is only available for EU customer. So, I am living in Asia, is there is any way to order?

Hi @honganh_le,
yes indeed, you need to have the commercial data quota from the relevant provider purchased before making orders (you can search for imagery already now though, to find which one has most relevant sources).
Maxar package costs 165 EUR and covers 10km2, so you can make two orders of 5 km2 with it.
For the moment, we cannot offer Maxar data to non-European customers, due to licensing conditions, sorry about that.


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There is a possibility to download free example area of commercial data?

Not as such. However, you are in luck: the Urban Growth in Africa Contest is still running. If you sign up and participate in the contest (deadline is coming up shortly: 5th September 2021), you can get access to some High Resolution Commercial data over Dakar, Senegal. A perfect way to showcase your scripting or image analysis skills, potentially win a prize and test HR collections!

Hi Grega,

Thanks for your reply
How the sentinel-hub defines the non-Europe customers? My team include both Asia and EU-based members.
My colleage in EU can buy the WorldView data, cannot it?


Yes, all legal entities and individuals from Europe can buy the WorldView data.

Thanks. It means that they can buy the data within my account as long as their address in EU is legal?

When purchasing the quota, you will have to provide the Billing information and this one should be tied to the European entitty or individual.
After the purchase we do send the data to Maxar for the compliance check and after approved, you can start with technical orders (in case it is not approved, we would compensate the full amount).


it’s possible buy a single image of about 1 km2 of Tennesse?
What’s it’s the mean cost?


@cotroneoingegneria, if you are talking about WorldView:

  • Minimum area per order is 5 km2 (details).
  • The smallest package that can be purchased on Sentinel Hub includes 10 km2 of data.

ok thanks for answers, and the prizes?

You will find them here:

Is it possible to search and see what’s available for commercial imagery (Pleiades) before purchasing the commercial data quota from the relevant provider?
And how? when I go into the commercial tab, it sends me to the billing page.