Questions about fresh data from Pleiades

Team, I’ll start my first post with a big “Thank You” for the entire SH team. I am very excited to be able to access 3rd party data, especially Pleiades. I have couple of questions about it:

  1. Can/Will data acquisition be tasks from Pleiades?
  2. If the data of my AOI is old;
    • Does it mean it’s old (+5 months) on the 3rd party platform?
    • Or does it mean that the retrieved data on SH is old, and new data can be retrieved from the 3rd party platform?


Hi Ahmed,
I am not sure I understand your questions correctly, but let me try to answer them:

  • we have integration in place with full Pleiades archive, so anything that was recorded at any point in time, is available for order
  • we do not yet support “tasking” (in plans for the mid-term future) automatically, but we can coordinate the tasking orders if you have need for that
  • once you set your AOI, you can see all the data available in it and you can order it.

Perhaps worthwhile to check the webinar on this topic, where we explain all the concepts:

Hi! I’ve a question regarding tasking capabilities.
We have used SPOT and Pleiades imagery in the past and would like to be able to do this in SH. The price per Km2 is the same as the archive data? ie: 0-1000 km² - 0.9 € per km²

No, tasking of the satellites is in general way more expensive. from cca 5-15 EUR per km2 (for SPOT), depending on the conditions. Also important, tasking orders come with minimum areas, i.e. 500km2 for SPOT and 100km2 for Pleiades.

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