Questions about Planet Scope

Are there any limitations when creating collections? For example, the number of images or collections?
If I add several parcels to a collection, can the of those parcels be deleted in the future?
If a collection of parcel has a subscription until 2024 and I want to extend its subscription for one more year, is it possible?


There are no specific limits in terms of number of scenes (images) in the collection.
One user can have many collections. However, we recommend to put all data of the same type (i.e. PS Scene 8 band) in the same collection, unless there is a use-case specific reason to separate them. Having all data in the same collection will result in most smooth user experience.

The scenes (images) can be added or removed from the collection at any point in time.
It is possible to extend subscription. It makes sense to keep the collection the same, so that you can easily access data over the long time period.