Questions on SH Python API


Thank you in advance for your help.

To use the SH Python API, I setup a “Python scripts template” with instance as ID. I’m using WCS requests.

  1. Are my custom params (9 out of your 11) correctly defined below?

my_l8tcp = ‘return [B04,B03,B02,B08];’

l8tc_request = WcsRequest(data_source=DataSource.LANDSAT8,
time=(‘2017-04-01’, ‘2017-10-01’),
resx=‘15m’, resy=‘15m’,
data_folder = ‘C:/POC/Ubuntu/MiddleLayer/test’,
custom_url_params={CustomUrlParam.EVALSCRIPT: my_l8tcp,
CustomUrlParam.TRANSPARENT: True,
CustomUrlParam.SHOWLOGO: False,
CustomUrlParam.QUALITY: ‘100’,
CustomUrlParam.PREVIEW: ‘0’,
CustomUrlParam.BGCOLOR: False})

  1. Do I need to define the custom parameters for all/every layer in my above instance and also exactly define custom params (as above) in my Python script? Or will it be enough that I define just in the Python script and it will supersede any custom params defined for a layer/instance? E.g. S2 “NDVI” defined as cloud cover 50%, but in python code I define maxcc as 0.1 (i.e. 10%), or show logo in the instance but show no logo in my python call?

  2. How to correctly define these evalscripts in my Python code?

my_s2tc (S2 true color)
let gain = 2.5;
return [B04, B03, B02].map(a => gain * a);

my_s2fc (S2 false color)
let gain = 2.5;
return [B08, B04, B03].map(a => gain * a);

my_l8tcp (L8 true color pan)
return [B04,B03,B02,B08]

my_l8fcp (L8 false color pan)
return [B05,B04,B03,B08]

  1. Configuration utility gives warning that Sentinel products have different end point than Landsat/MODIS/DEM products and so different instances have to be created. Will it be enough if I create just one “Python scripts template” instance to use with Python API? Or do I need to create one “Python scripts template” for S2 and another “Python scripts template” for Landsat/MODIS/DEM?

  2. My Python code gives error for crs=EPSG:4326. But when I choose crs=CRS.WGS84, image data is returned as 'wcs_TRUE-COLOR-S2-L1C_EPSG4326_.

  3. How to use NICENAME to format downloaded image filenames? This goes into custom params? NICENAME=image-2018-04-11-MODIS.jpg


Hi @arun,

  1. I am only not sure if CustomUrlParam.BGCOLOR: False is ok. This parameter expects a color in hexadecimal code (default is 'FFFFFF'). Probably then the service just ignores your value False. All the other parameters seem to be ok.

  2. Parameters you use in a Python script will always override default parameters defined for your instance or layer in Configurator. If you use maxcc=0.1 in your script this will be used instead of default 0.5 for your layer.

  3. The scripts look ok, you just put each of them into a string an pass it as a value for CustomUrlParam.EVALSCRIPT. You might want to use image_format=MimeType.TIFF_d32fin order to receive back more precise float values.

  4. It is enough to have a single instance. The Python package handles this different endpoint in the process. As long as you specify e.g. data_source=DataSource.LANDSAT8 for a layer, defined to use Landsat 8 as a source in Configurator, the package will know which endpoint to use for download.

  5. WGS84 is just a different name for EPSG:4326. The package uses CRS.WGS84 enum constant to work with this crs. However even if you specify crs='EPSG:4326' (passed as a string) it will automatically parse the string into CRS.WGS84 and work normally. (If it doesn’t, try upgrading the package to a newer version.)

  6. At the moment this option is not supported. But it is a good idea and we will consider implementing it in next versions of the package.


Thanks for the detailed reply.
With my evalscript I was hoping to get a 15m pan-sharpened L8 image ( from SH, however I think its just returning all 4 bands (B04 B03 B02 bands @ 30 m, B8 band @ 15 m) at 15 m since I set resolution to 15 m.
my_l8tcp = ‘return [B04,B03,B02,B08]’
I had to remove some custom params to reduce filename length as I get the error that my download filename is too long (>255 characters). Other than remove some custom params or reduce length of key words, are there any tricks? Even if I point to your “custom scripts”, it’ll be very long file names.
How to format this JS script (sentinel-2/false_color_infrared/script.js) in PyCharm as I get errors?
my_s2fc =
let gain = 2.5;
return [B08, B04, B03].map(a => gain * a);


In Python you can use triple quotes for defining strings which span over multiple lines

my_s2fc = """
let gain = 2.5;
return [B08, B04, B03].map(a => gain * a);