Quick-look/preview image for s1 (like for s2)

Even after the move to the requester-pays bucket, the preview.jpg images of sentinel2 are accessible free of charge, e.g. this one.

For sentinel-1, it seems that the quicklook images I can see e.g. here are not accessible. Is this correct? What is the reason for that?

I know that s1 does not look as “interesting” as s2, but for us, it would be nice to get a quick overview of what to expect before downloading lots and lots of data.


When implementing this proxy, we were focusing on Sentinel-2 as it was the only one, which was not Requester pays from the beginning. In addition to that we have expended API to some other parts. I guess we have overlooked this preview, which might indeed make sense.
I cannot commit to if/when we will do it, but when it happens, we will let you know.