Quick start, hypothesis testing, budget

Hi! We are new to Sentinel Hub, at the moment trying to figure out, how to test our hypothesis. We will be grateful if someone correct our approach or point out what we understand wrong about the service. Any advice and comments are welcome)

The issue is: there are several points on the earth (like 10-30), where we’d like to count specific objects twice a week or at least twice a month (the count may change in time significantly and we are interested in noticing it). The high resolution commercial data is needed for this

Deciding if the service is suitable for this, we should check two things:

  1. The frequency of data update. This aspect could be checked on Sentinel Explorer subscription (via Requests Builder or EO Browser). We can see that any single source is not enough. But if we combine 2-3-4 commercial sources, the final average frequency of image update will be appropriate (like once a week)

  2. Then the next question comes up. Is data quality of this sources ok for our purposes, are we able to process them correctly? To check this, we need to send a sample image to our system (normally several examples for each source)

To get at least one example for each commercial source we need to buy quota package. For testing purpose some small amount of km2 will be fine. However, quota package prices start from €100 for each Third-Party. As a result, total amount of budget €300-€400 is needed just to check the hypothesis and make the decision if the idea worth it. Is that correct, or maybe their is some way to get samples using Explorer subscription or paying for sample km2-s only? (without big prepaid packages)

Hi @Andrei_A ,

Welcome to Sentinel Hub!

Regarding your first question, I believe the most suitable commercial data for your use case is PlanetScope, which offers 3 m resolution with daily revisit all over the globe. This is also the only data source available in Sentinel Hub that collects high resolution data systematically worldwide.

Other commercial data sources supported in Sentinel Hub such us Planet SkySat, Pleiades, SPOT and WorldView do not acquire data systematically, meaning that it requires tasking (e.g., Planet SkySat tasking), in your use case to retrieve data over your own area of interest for monitoring purpose.

After making a decision on which data source you’d like to use, you could contact us at info@sentinel-hub.com for more details about having a small package for testing.

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