Quota not being reduced for PlanetScope

Good morning Grega
Thanks for your invaluable help. I also try to write in the forum. My question was, I have a Planet Scope share of 10,000 sq km that when I go to order this data they charge it to me in the Airbus Spot count (which I have an available share of 111 sq km) Because when I order the Planet Scope data they are not subtracted from the my count of 10,000 sq km but to that of Airbus Spots ?? Thanks for your kind availability. Michele

Before answering your question - do note that your PlanetScope quota is NOT 10.000 sq. km. As clearly described in the “Hectares under management” model, our quota is not yet integrated with Planet’s so you should disregard this number. Your PlanetScope quota is 100 hectares (1km2) in Tier 3. This means you have purchased data for an area up to 100 hectares in countries listed under Tier 3.
I want to stress this as we have a few users confused with this, ending up consuming more than what they have purchased and having to pay overage fees.

To answer your question - the reason why PlanetScope quota is not reduced is that you have not yet made a confirmed order for PlanetScope.

I would like to order the first package but as you can see from the photo it does not authorize me. Upon confirmation I get this error … Thanks for your availability

for any sq km I want to order in Planet

Might it be that you are trying to order data in Italy, which is part of Tier 2 (and not Tier 3, the package you have purchased).

When ordering, be careful to stay within 100 hectares limit. Looking at the PlanetScope orders you have created, they tange between 160 and 1300 hectares (each).
The specific order in the screenshot is 164 hectares. As mentioned previously, in case you will be consuming areas larger than what was paid for, you will have to pay overage fees.