Quotas for Planet data were cleared for some unknown reason,

We have purchased TWO package of Planet Scope HUM - Tier 2 listed here,and we also downloaded some data normally before , but we found our quotas have been cleared today, and we dont’t know why. Please check this problem and let us know the reason.
Here is the ID in the order details,the first is 39b82abb-4f5f-4642-MASKED, the second is 0b5097b6-4731-481f-MASKED.

Hi @zhanghy,

this happens when you exceed the purchased quota, entering into overage situation.
As communicated in the introduction e-mail for PlanetScope’s “Hectares under management” model, users have to take care themselves not to exceed the quota. Our system does, however, check for this situation on an ongoing basis in order to prevent inconvenient situation for our users.

In your case, you have purchased 200 hectares of Tier 1 quota. The total area under management, however, is 463 hectares.
In order to continue using this option, please go to Billing dashboard and purchase another 3 packages (300 hectares) of Tier 1. This will compensate for the overage and unlock the feature, allowing you to get more data over your area of management.

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Thank you for your reply.But we got new questions.
Q1: The two package we purchased is “Tier 2” ,not “Tier 1”, and the total quota is 200 hectares,so how come of this?

Q2: Before we purchased the data, we carefully check the total area of the two geomerty, and each of them are not exceed 100 hectares, and this is also the reason we only purchased two “Tier 2” package, so, how come the “463 hectares” come? Please provide the calculate process.

Q3: We are confused about how the “quota” is calculated. In Hectares under management. says

You subscribe to a part of the land (i.e. agriculture parcel) and get, for a period of one year, access to all available PlanetScope data in that area - both archive and fresh data. This subscription model is perfect for agriculture and other continuous monitoring use-cases.

In simplest words. It means after we purchased one package,we can access all the data in the predefine area in ONE YEAR . But we just access the data of the same area several times, and how come we already exceed the “quota”?

Sorry, this was my error. You indeed purchased Tier 2.

There were 39 orders triggered from your account, addressing 8 separate areas of interest. The largest of them is 253 hectares large by itself (see order 85b36d15-51b6-4b3c-MASKED).

For the calculation process, check this faq

As mentioned above, the problem is not in accessing the data of the same area several times (this is perfectly in line with the Hectares under management model). There were many areas/geometry, their total area exceeding 200 hectares.

Thanks for you reply. We want to discuss about the “quota” problem further.
We created out account and purchased out first Planet Scope Tier 2 package in March this year. At that time, the number of quota was werid and therefore we and you discussed this problem. See here .

Sentinel Hub’s quota management is not yet integrated with “Hectares under management”

And at that time we thought the “10000” km2 is not restricted to the area. so after couple of days,we send serveral data request locate in other area to test if the “quota management” is properly intergrated.
We noticed the Hectares under management is integrated correctly some time ago and we stoped request the Planet data and purchased new package to access another area’s data. In other words, the first package was not properly used because the “Sentinel Hub’s quota management is not yet integrated with “Hectares under management””. Is there some feasible way to remove the exceeded area of first package and make the two package we’ve purchased valid without purchased new packages?

In the discussion you are pointing to, we have clearly stated:

The same warning is being included in the introduction e-mail sent to users paying for this package.

It is unfortunately not possible to remove the exceeded area as it has already been ordered (and thus included in the “hectares under management”.
We woudl therefore kindly recommend you pay the overage (use the “top-up” option, to have a co-term discount).

We are aware this is not the perfect user experience and we are working to improve it. However, we do depend on the 3rd party data providers and their capabilities.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

OK. We got it.
Suppose the third situation, we don’t need the data of the two area any more, and we want to purchased a third area, is it NECESSARY for us to buy another three tier 2 package which is metioned below to unlock the two area we’ve purchased before, so that we can purchased another package to access the data over the third area.

Another problem is, to have a co-term discount, what is the option Select the initial date of your subscription in the bill plan mean , is the first time we purchased the Planet Tier 2 pakcage, or other meanings.

Yes it is. Whenever the new area is added to the “hectares under management” it needs to be paid for. In your case, you consumed this area beforehand and you need to pay for the overage.

This is the first time you have purchased PlanetScope package (any tier), within a year. I.e. when you purchase the package, you start one year PlanetScope subscription. And all further payments should be co-termed with this one year.

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