Reference values


Hey everybody!

I’ve been using EO-browser for a couple of months now. It’s pretty cool how you can access different satellites and get various information.

At the moment I’m stuck in reading the values for a specific color. I need some reference values. So for instance, if I’m using Sentinel 5P and checking for NOX gasses, I would like to have some reference values for toxicity.

I’m guessing that the colors are based on a linear scale and that it doesn’t correlate with toxicity. But does anyone know of some reference values that explain the toxicity?

Thanks in advance.



Nice to hear that you like it.
Some of the layers also have legend available. To view the legend for a chosen layer, click on a double down arrow at the bottom right corner in a layer element in layer selector (don’t know how to describe it better).
The legend for NO2 (image below) layer only shows the amount, which I don’t know if directly correlates with the toxicity.

Hope I answered the question with enough information.