Relationship between Planet Scope data quota purchased on sentinelhub and 'plans' on planet official website?

I purchased planet scope imagery on sentinelhub, then use the sentinelhub api to access planet data, note that my planet account is a educational account, and the quota of ‘scene dowload plan’ on planet is almost used up. I successfully downloaded planet data from a relatively small area through sentinelhub’s api, but then the ‘plans’ on planet website show that my quota is used up soonly. Now, I’m sure that the quota of planet scope image purchased on sentinel hub has not been used up yet, but I can’t download the planet data by the sentinelhub api. My question is that what’s the relationship between Planet Scope data quota purchased on sentinelhub and ‘plans’ on planet offcial website? How can I solve the current problem.

When you purchase data via Sentinel Hub, we will create a new account on Planet’s system, dedicated to these purcahses, and a dedicated Planet API key. You should have received an invitation from Planet to onboard.
In case you’ve already had an account with Planet, which has the same e-mail as the e-mail of your Sentinel Hub account, it might be that the onboarding will not work.
Typically we would transfer your existing Planet account to ours. However, as you have education account, this might not be always optimal.

I see two options:

  • if your educational quota has already expired, we will transfer your existing account and you continue as normally, consuming the quota purchased via Sentinel Hub
  • you send us another e-mail (via our info at e-mail) and we will create a Planet account with that e-mail

I apologise for the inconvenience. We are working to make this process easier.

Nice to receive your reply.
I prefer the second option. The url in the second option you provided points to sentinel hub official website rather than a e-mail address, at the same time, I don’t know what the content in the e-mail should be. Please tell me the e-mail address and the content of the e-mail. Thanks a lot . I’m looking forward your reply.

It is the “info” e-mail of the web-site.
Provide the following information in the e-mail:

  • your account ID, which you find in settings
  • the new e-mail, to which you would like to tie the Planet subscription to


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