Remaining processing units

How do I get the remaining processing units left for the month through the when accessing sentinel hub through python?

We have been using the value_estimate method for individual requests, however we are unable to find a way to programmatically find out how many processing units are remaining and have had issues with exceeding the monthly cap without a warning or even being stopped from pulling the data we need.

Hi @arsalan.harris,
we do not yet have an official API for this, sorry about that. We have it in our roadmap for this year.
If you need this option soon, I suggest you check how the Dashboard is fetching these data (i.e. checking network requests) and then you mirror this in your process. Note that these APIs are not official one and can change in the future.

We would also kindly recommend you consider a top-up quota, which is consumed only when the monthly quota is fully exhausted. This should help you mitigate such peaks.

As a side note - we are also working on notification, to warn users about remaining volume getting low.


Thanks for the response Grega.

We exceeded the monthly processing unit cap a few months back and weren’t stopped from further downloading data leading us to be far over the cap and only finding out by email in subsequent months - is not being stopped after reaching the monthly cap also expected behaviour at the moment?

We would have to check the specific instance to provide an accurate response. We sometimes (in agreement with the account holder) flex the monthly caps for some time, in order to allow them to identify their real needs, in terms of volume.
That said, unless you stumble upon some specific bug in our system, you will certainly be throttled after reaching the monthly cap.


We inadvertently went multiples over our monthly limit only finding out upon email communication in the following months - we didn’t experience a hard cap or any throttling and there was nothing to suggest we had exceeded the limit, I’m guessing then that this is not expected behaviour?

This is indeed not a defualt behaviour.
As mentioned above, sometimes this is sometimes configured intentionally, to allow for easier onboarding of new users.

So going forward, should we just continue pulling data and assume that we will be stopped once we reach the monthly cap or is there something we need to do on our end?

Yes indeed, you are correct.

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