remove band 10 from Sentinel 2 sensor

I am Yaser Ashoorzadeh, the founder of the space startup “Tiznegar”

Why did you remove band 10 from Sentinel 2 sensor images from the website?
Please provide this band again for the benefit of all users.

Thanks a lot


Dear Yaser,

We did not remove band 10 from our images. I guess you are looking at Sentinel-2 L2A images which do not have a band 10, which is reserved for atmospheric corrections only. More information here:

You can also find the answer to this question here. It was asked on the forum a short while ago. The search function in the top bar on the forum page allows you to check if a similar question was asked on the forum, and can help you save a lot of time, rather than having to wait for an answer.


To get a clearer picture of your problem, could you please provide a little bit more information? Maybe an example of what you are getting vs what you are expecting, some code snippet or screenshot?