Remove certain tiles from batch request before starting job

Hi everyone. I have a batch api request written in python. I currently do the following:

  1. Create a batch api request.
  2. Analyse the batch request above to get information about the tiles.
  3. Start the batch job to initiate processing.

This works fine. Now I want to do the following:

  1. Create a batch api request.
  2. Analyse the batch request to get info about the tiles.
  3. Using the tile ‘name’ property from the tile information provided after analysis, programmatically exclude tiles whose tile names already exist in my s3 bucket.
  4. Start batch job only for tiles that do not exist (I’m trying to avoid redownloading existing tiles from the past).

I have a problem with step 3 above. I haven’t come across a function in ‘sentinelhub’ python library for removing specific tiles (eg. by tile id) before starting a batch job.
Is this possible??


you can use the skipExisting field in the output part of your batch request to skip the already existing ones.

If your evalscript produces multiple outputs then please consult the api reference on the interplay between the skipExisting and overwrite fields.

The problem is that existing tiles are not necessarily in the same s3 output path with the new request.

Removing arbitrary tiles is not possible - you select the tiles implicitly with the area of interest, i.e. the processRequest.input.bounds field of the request.

Noted. I’ll look for another way. Thanks @msterk

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