Reproduction of field delimitation tutorial using a basic account

Hello sentinel-hub guys,

First of all congratulations for the excellent and comprehensive piece of work. After reading your very nice blog post at medium Parcel boundary detection for CAP, I became interested in running the 10-notebook workflow in order to better understand all the necessary steps for parcel boundary detection. However, I could not download the data in the first notebook because of an error (COMMON_INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSIONS). I do have access to a paid sentinel hub account, even though it is a basic account, not an enterprise one. I also have an AWS bucket permission setting. My question is: could I somehow obtain the same data used in your workflow with these permissions? Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Alex Sandro

Hi @alex.fate2000,

we can temporarily upgrade your account to the Enterprise one, so that you can try it out. let us know, which e-mail you are using for your paid account (feel free to send a message to me).


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Hello Alex,
Have you implemented this workflow without batch API? Also, what kind of operation sytem did you use for this workflow?