Request returns me a black picture frame

I’m starting to use the sentinel api and I’m having issues.
I was looking at the documentation of the api to make WMS Requests tests, this is the request:,39.189439717,-7.9235228647,39.019717295&LAYERS=NATURAL-COLOR&MAXCC=20&WIDTH=320&HEIGHT=320&FORMAT=image/jpeg&TIME=2022-03-29/2022-05-29

The attached image is what the request return looks like.

The only difference I see between the example request in the documentation and my request is the format of the bbox, but if it is an invalid format for the request, it should return some type of ‘invalid format’ message, right?.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @alvaro.rojas ,

Could you please provide the first 4 digits of your instance id? Thank you!

Of course, here you go:


Hi @alvaro.rojas ,

Could you please try to parse the CRS to your request as shown below:,39.189439717,-7.9235228647,39.019717295&LAYERS=NATURAL-COLOR&MAXCC=20&WIDTH=320&HEIGHT=320&FORMAT=image/jpeg&TIME=2022-03-29/2022-05-29&CRS=CRS:84

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