Requests Builder is now available

Requests Builder tool is now available!

Requests Builder is a tool for creating Process API Requests.
Important Note: This tool is meant for internal usage but we think that it could be useful for the community. This means it can have some bugs or design flaws.

Supported Features

  • Create a Process API Request selecting the different possible parameters and see the curl command generated in real-time.
  • Draw a bounding box or polygon with two different CRS (EPSG:3857 or EPSG:4326) or paste a geometry to see it on the interactive map.
  • Send the request and see the response in a pop-up with the option to download it (don’t forget to check that your pop-up blocker is deactivated for the page!).
  • Parse a request to see the form filled automatically (curl commands generated by the tool and the JSON body of the request are supported).

The tool is hosted here.