Resolution of sentinel-1 different in EObrowser and on downloaded data


I’m working on sentinel-1 data, which I recovered using a SentinelHubRequest (see request here Sentinel-1 data access methods (x-cuben aws, ...) - #9 by julietteC). However I noticed that the resolution of the images I get is not the same as in EOBrowser (see pictures).
I’m wondering if anyone could help me understand what could cause this and how to fix it ?

Rq: I print my images using; ax.imshow(dataset[chosen_polarization].isel(time=idx), cmap=‘gray’)

Thank you in advance !

Hi Juilette,

If as you say, you are using the same request as in your previous post, the reason why the resolution will differ is that your output resolution is defined by the image size of your output. For example, an image that is always 100x100 pixels will have a different resolution depending on how large the area of interest is.

If you wish to explicitly define your resolution you will need to use the resx and resy parameters in your payload. You can find an example of this in the documentation here. If you’re using Request Builder you can easily add these parameters into your request. by selecting the Resolution tab in the Output box.

If you’re still stuck, then we can help build the request for you.

Just to add as you seem to use EO Browser. You can set a custom resolution for the image download if you go to Image resolution and select Custom in the dropdown.

If you select a high resolution (e.g. 10) you meed to be on a high zoom level as well as otherwise the image size will be too big (Image height and width is limited to 2500px).

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