Resolution of Sentinel-1 images via Sentinel Hub API

What is the highest resolution I can choose for Sentinel-1 images obtained via the Sentinel Hub Python API? Because in a presentation on GTC18 in Munich it was demonstrated that resolutions up to 10x10 cm or below are possible for Sentinel-1 images. However, I did not find an option to use such high resolutions using the Python API.

In this (free access) paper the details are described:

Best Sentinel-1 resolution is 5x5m. In practice you will be mostly working with IW, which is 5x20m.

Thanks for your quick answer. Does Sentinel Hub also offer/provide Stripmap or/and Wave mode of Sentinel-1? Both modes would enable resolution 5x5 m.

No, unfortunately not.
I believe Strip map (SM) and Wave are not available globally either. See