Resolution of Sentinel Hub Images

Hi there!

My question:

Is it normal that the satellite images are very blurred at a resolution of 1m x 1m or 5m x 5m?

My request:

wms_true_color_request = WcsRequest(data_folder=“xxx”, data_source=DataSource.SENTINEL2_L1C,
layer=‘TRUE-COLOR-S2-L1C’, bbox=bbbox,
time=(‘2019-06-21’, ‘2019-06-25’), resx=‘5m’, resy=‘5m’, image_format=MimeType.TIFF_d32f,

Or can you make any settings that
the image becomes sharp?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

Sentinel-2 has 10 meter resolution so if you ask for 1x1 meter it is pretty normal to get blurry image…