Retrieve features

Is it possible to retrieve (copy), for example, all bands from an eopatch to a list ? and if yes how can I do so?

Hi @rim.sleimi,

eopatch is a numpy array and I am sure you will find many examples on the internet on how to convert numpy array to a list. E.g. the first one that came to my attention by googling “export numpy to list”:

Let me also add an unrelated, more general, advice. By asking lots and lots of trivial questions on the forum, the participants will get tired answering each and every question and you might miss an answer to a non-trivial question as well. I would therefore recommend you put some effort into trying to find a solution yourself, before creating yet another new thread.


Yes you make a point there. But trust me I do my fair share of research before posting a question here. In fact this very question might look trivial to you, but tried many things already and non of them worked because I am not trying to load data and then retrieve bands. I am trying to retrieve bands simultanuously to the download of the data.