Retrieve Processing Units in Request Header


We found a notebook to be able to get processing unit estimates for a request. See the following link:

We want to be able to get the processing units in a similar manner, but we are using the Sentinel Hub Statistical Download Client. I looked at the documentation for this, and it did not appear that we could use the same method to get the estimated Processing Units ( — Sentinel Hub 3.8.0 documentation).

Do you have a recommendation for getting the processing units while using the Statistical Download Client?

Hi @sentinel_hub_user ,

When using SentinelHubStatisticalDownloadClient, you could set decode_data to False while calling the download method to get the encoded result with headers.

client = SentinelHubStatisticalDownloadClient(config=config)

ndvi_stats =, decode_data=False)

Then you could call headers to retrieve the estimated processing units as shown in the example you provided. To decode the data after having the processing units retrieved, you could simply call the decode method, e.g., ndvi_stats[0].decode().