Run custom script from postman and get average results

Hi, I saw from the EO Browser that we can run custom scripts and then ask some average values statistics in a specifica area.
I’m trying to get the average moisture of an area just by doing an API call.

This is the custom script I tried to run

And this is the statistics I could get with the interface :

I can even download the data in a csv file.

My question is :
Is there a way to call this script from postman and get the statistics that are provided in the csv file as response?

Thanks by Advance

Statistical API will return aggregated values over pixels in your geometry/bounding box in .json format.

There is a small utility function in sentinelhub-py (see stats_to_df function in the example) that will parse the .json response into a pandas dataframe, which you can then save as a number of output formats, .csv one of them.