ESA sponsored me to use the Pleides 110 km2, the Maxar WV 110 km2, and the Planet Scope 150 ha (1,5 km2 !)
Pressing “3rd Party Data Import” in Sentinel_Hub_Requests, for PlanetScope shows a much higher quota.
See picture.

Hi @ngizdavec,
the PlanetScope follows different model - the data are not purchased per sq. km (as in the case of Pleiades, WorldView, SPOT), but using the Hectares under management model.

There, you get access to full archive of data within a specific area, which might mean that you will get for 1.5km2 large area 1.5km2 x 1000 (or more, depending on the length of the time period) data. This is why the technical limits for PlanetScope are very much relaxed.

That said, you will have to take care that you only order the data within the area limited to 150 hectares. We would recommend you use Subscriptions API, where you simply define your polygon, the time period (can be open-ended) and the data will automagically appear.