S1 GRD file format transformed from linear (0-65535) to RGB (0-255) during download from EO Browser

I am trying to download the following (S1 GRD AWS Gamma0 linear orthorectified VH):

With the following settings

However, the file downloaded is only 571. KB (should be around 10-20MB), RGB 0-255 instead of single band 0-65535.

Do you know what could be wrong?
Also, I wanted to make sure that the image downloaded is Gamma0 orthorectified ?
(see https://docs.sentinel-hub.com/api/latest/#/data/Sentinel-1-GRD) If so, where can I find the documentation of the processing steps applied to the raw S1 imagery available in Scihub-copernicus please?

You have chosen “visualized” layer, which is why you get RGB. In order to get “raw values” you might have to set your own configuration in Configuration utility with appropriate parameters.

Under the Coordinate system line you will notice that projected resolution is 80m/px. I am guessing you are expecting 20 meter resolution? This would explain the difference in the expected size.
EO Browser allows exports up to 2500x2500 px. So you have to select a smaller area if you want to get higher resolution. For larger areas I would suggest you use sentinelhub-py’s Large area utilities:

For information on S1 data I suggest you check: