S1 ortho-rectification problems


Hi there,

Am using the Python API to download some S1 (ID: BANDS-S1-IW) and S2 (ID: BANDS-S2-L1C) images. Everything works fine with the S2 download but not the S1 download especially once ortho-rectification is turned on. The following error was reported initially:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not load necessary digital elevation model for orthorectification! Please try again later or without orthorectification.


Is there a way of going around this problem? If not, is it possible to also download the original metadata (the .dim file from ESA) for each downloaded non-rectified image from the EOCloud in order to perform the ortho-rectification locally using SNAP?

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Hi Gideon,
can you send one of the requests failing with this code so that we can look into it?
Not sure if related, but I noticed that you are exceeding daily limit for trial account (10.000 requests per day, see rate limiting section)

To use SNAP you will have to download original data, orthorectify it and then make the data available within your python workflow.


Hi gmilcinski,

(1) Here is the request URL: https://services.sentinel-hub.com/ogc/wcs/f91929da-a8b5-MASKED?SERVICE=wcs&MAXCC=0.0&ShowLogo=False&Transparent=False&BBOX=53.5141933165647%2C7.25296442687846%2C53.6938555515629%2C7.43262666187667&FORMAT=image%2Ftiff%3Bdepth%3D32f&CRS=EPSG%3A4326&TIME=2018-12-29T05%3A41%3A35%2F2018-12-29T05%3A41%3A35&RESX=10m&RESY=10m&COVERAGE=BANDS-S1-IW&REQUEST=GetCoverage&VERSION=1.1.2

(2) When ortho-rectification is disabled in the configuration, am able to download the images. When I enable the ortho-rectification right after that and re-run the script, am able to down the images without any exception being thrown. The limiting factor here is the number of requests per day, which you say is 10000. Would an upgrade to individual commercial use be of help here?

(3) To use SNAP to ortho-rectify the clipped images downloaded from the EO Browser, I will need to metadata info per ach image. Is there a way of getting this as well from the EO Browser per each download?

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As this request does work for me (and reading your lines, for you as well), it seems that the error might have indeed been on the rate limiting.

If you subscribe for individual commercial, the limit is indeed quite a bit increased, to 100.000 per month.


Okay, thanks for the reply. Really appreciated!


Hi once again, so we got a commercial license now and am still having difficulties with the download of the ortho-rectified S1 images. I have been running the script since yesterday. The script is still running but there is NO download or I have not received an error message from the API. Can you please check what is happening? Thanks a lot.