S2A data download through the map browser

Does anyone know how I can do this? For S2l1c you can just click on the link provided. Is there similar functionality for S2?

Many thanks

Hi Crispin,

there are two issues here:

  • AWS download is not possible as L2A data are in Requester pays bucket and you need to be connected to AWS to have access to it.
  • Link to Copernicus Open Hub is currently missing for L2A data. We have this in TODO.

So for now you need to search for L2A data on OpenHub directly if you want to download it.
You can obviously download all the data through Sentinel Hub OGC services.

Hi Grega,
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Apologies, I made a crucial typo in my query. The subject should have been about S1 data. Can S1 data be downloaded from the web browser in the same way you can with S2 Level 1c?
Many thanks

Unfortunately not. The issue is exactly the same as described above for L2A.
The path listed for Sentinel-1 is on EO Cloud. A very similar one is available on AWS, but only within AWS itself.