S3 L1B ToA values

Hi all,

I am currently implementing a gaussian process regression algorithm to TOA radiances onto OLCI data, for the retrieval of biophysical variables such as LAI, FAPAR etc.

I would like to know what are the units of the “SENTINEL3_OLCI_L1B” catalogue? when I check the downloaded tile from Copernicus hub, the units range from 0-700,800 but when I download a .nc cube from openeo/sentinelhub, these values are far less…

I have seen on the Sentinel Hub website that the band values correspond to reflectance, even though it should be TOA radiance, moreover, these values range from 0-0.4.

Can you please let me know how do I get actual TOA radiance values in mW/m2

thanks in advance

Hi David,

Correct, in the documentation it states that the Sentinel Hub units are reflectance. There is an example here showing you how to extract this.

However, I think it is better if you redirect your question to the community forum at Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem. Here you should get a clearer answer on the values you are getting from either your open eo data cube in the original data tile.

Edit: I see there is already a topic on the forum