Saving Positions


We are prototyping a downstream service using EO Browser that implies getting positions and areas of certain targets. These positions and areas are then transferred to a database that is used for data science and will be used for training machine learning algorithms. The whole process of copying these data one by one and writing it into the database is a bit tedious and has the risk of making mistakes (humans don´t like tedious work :slight_smile:). We were wondering if there would be a way of capturing or copying the position of a certain point in the map rather than doing it by hand.


I am not really sure, what you are trying to do.
But generally lat and lon of the centre of current view are shown in the URL (for the purpose of sharing the location)

So if you use “mark point of interest” and then use “Center map on feature” function, you will get it in the URL

Even better option would be to use QGIS for such task (using QGIS Sentinel Hub plugin) and create a layer there.

Hi Grega

Thanks for the explanation, that trick might definitely make our job easier. Concerning the geographical coordinates that are displayed in the browser, are they WGS84 or EPSG 3857?

Thank you

They are in WGS84.
Best, Grega