Schema definitions for Sentinel-2 metadata

Updated question:

Is there any place I can find the metadata schema definitions for Sentinel-2 products, specifically L1C and L2A?

The problem that I’m facing is L2A products don’t have tileid information in the metadata. From what I understand, L2A products are generated using transformations on the images, so the footprint shouldn’t change. So, the corresponding L2A product for a L1C product should have the same tileid. Why is it missing then?

Previous question:

I’m using sentinelsat.SentinelAPI to fetch metadata for products. I noticed that L2Ap products don’t have Tile ID attribute. Neither in the product description that comes as a part of SentinelAPI.query method, nor in the SentinelAPI.get_product_odata method.

  1. Why is this the case?
  2. Is there any way to acquire this information?

I am not very familiar with sentinelsat package but I suggest raising an issue at its GitHub page:

Here is a nice list of alternatives to this package:

I figured out that this information is not present in the data returned by their Solr or Odata API endpoint. I have updated my question accordingly.

Not sure if I am right, but perhaps you are referring to the topic discussed here:

Are talking about georeference metadata info that each JPEG2000 image should have or about metadata XML file contained in each GRANULE folder? Which info exactly would you like to obtain?